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ALSO US™ is a place where teens and young adults impacted by ALS can use the power of art to share their experiences.

Whether through video, painting or poetry, art can provide a powerful outlet for your emotions and serve as a resource to other teens dealing with this devastating disease.

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  • "For me, one of the greatest challenges of having a parent with ALS was the difficulty of explaining the logistics of the disease—how my dad was suffering and, by default, how the family was suffering. Because my dad's symptoms changed daily, many people did not understand what was wrong with him or how they could help, especially in the early stages. It is a uniquely cruel disease that you unfortunately have to experience to truly understand.

    When caring for a parent with ALS, the expected child/adult roles are quickly reversed. When I was little my family would make fun at how small my dad would cut up my food for me, because he was scared I would choke. It was surreal when I was cutting his food up for him into tiny pieces just years later. While I didn't know it at the time, filming this documentary on my dad was a way to immortalize his spirit."

    Former Teen Caregiver

  • Jodi O'Donnell-Ames
  • "I’ve seen firsthand that teens who have a loved one with ALS face a unique set of challenges. I encourage you to share your own perspectives by expressing a thought or feeling through art, with the hope that your creativity will lend support and offer strength to others, as well as yourself. It takes a village to battle ALS, and you’re not alone."

    Jodi O'Donnell-Ames

    President and Founder, Hope Loves Company

Creative Experts

View storytelling tips and Q&As from ALSO US creative experts for inspiration and tips to help bring your story to life through art.

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