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Cassidy is creating a photobook, visually documenting her family, pre-and post-ALS, with the support of professional photographer and videographer, David Plakke.

Q & A with Cassidy
Q: Why did you choose to share your story through ALSO US?

A: When I heard of this opportunity to explain to other people that you are not alone when it comes to stuff like this I couldn't stop myself from doing it! Everybody deserves a chance and I'm so happy I got mine.

Q: What thoughts went through your head when you learned you would be working with David?

A: When I was first told I would have a mentor I was really scared and nervous because what if we didn't have a lot in common or get along, but after our first call I felt so much better and we actually had a lot in common, I'm so happy to have the mentor I have!

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  • Cassidy and family
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