Our Als Stories


Daniel created a poem titled, “ALS,” about his father’s battle with the fatal disease, with support from professional poet and writer Wendy Angulo.



by Daniel
  • I heard my father speak with a slight slur
  • I saw my father limping
  • I got the news that my father had ALS.
  • I saw my father with a cane
  • I saw my father couldn’t go upstairs
  • I saw my father use a walker
  • I saw my father in a wheelchair, because his legs could no longer function.
  • I saw my father in an electric wheelchair
  • I saw my father unable to stand without help
  • I saw my father unable to leave the house
  • I saw my father lose his ability to eat
  • I saw him lose his ability to speak
  • I finally saw the monster that is ALS, was finished destroying our life.
  • I saw the life leave his body
  • I see myself changed by the experience
  • I hope that no one else will experience it.
  • Daniel with his Father
  • Daniel
  • Daniel
  • Daniel
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