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ALSO US is currently accepting original artwork submissions for the ALSO US digital gallery.

  • Step 1

    Submit an original creative work for the ALSO US digital gallery.

    Describe Your Project

    Describing your creative project idea/inspiration.

    Original Creative Work*

    Portray any aspect of your personal experience as a teen impacted by ALS, in one of the following mediums:

    • Video: 2-3 minutes

    • Written: 50-200 words (e.g., poem, narrative, etc.)

    • Artwork: A digital copy, PDF or photo of your original work (e.g., drawing, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, photography, mixed media, etc.)

    *Note: To learn more about what constitutes “original creative work,” please refer to the program Terms & Conditions.

    Content Guidelines

    • For your privacy, you may choose, or choose not to, include your name in your artwork or written entry. If you do include your name, it may appear in the submission online

    • Do NOT include:

      • Your address or other personal information

      • Names of specific medicines (the terms “drug,” “medicine,” “treatment” or “therapy” are acceptable)

      • Names of specific healthcare facilities or healthcare providers (the terms such as “hospital,” “doctor” and “nurse” are acceptable)

    • If the artwork shows the recognizable likeness of any person(s), by submitting, you warrant that any such person(s) (or his/her parent or legal guardian, if the person is under age 18), has given permission for the submission and use as described in the program Terms & Conditions

  • Step 2

    • Submit online or via email. The printable submission form can be downloaded here. Large video files can be submitted via [email protected]

    • Please complete all sections of the submission form and authorize you accept the Terms & Conditions (parent/guardian authorization required if under age 18)

    • List and attach original creative work materials to submission

    • Please provide links to download any large files (>300MB)

  • Submit

* Required Field

Teen Contact Information

Original Creative Work Submission

    • I am a teenager or young adult 12-25 years old, living in the United States and have been affected by ALS (e.g., parent/loved one with the condition).
    • I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by the detailed Terms & Conditions of the ALSO US program.
    • The content of my original creative work (hereafter “Submission”) is an original, of which I am the sole creator and owner.
    • I understand that some of the Submissions received may be featured on the program website (www.alsousart.com) and/or on MTPA’s social media channels.
    • If the Submission shows the likeness of any person(s), I confirm that any such person(s) (or his/her parent or legal guardian, if the person is under age 18) has given permission for use of their likeness in the original creative work and for use in this submission as described in the program Terms & Conditions.